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B. P. Sieliwończyk

"Patience when settling the details, professional approach, very good, if not perfect organisation of the building area, skilful coordination of the works of different building crews- those are things we encountered throughout the building process...”

J. Galik

"High quality and timeliness of works convinced me to commission the company to perform extra works. The company was to make the house a “turnkey” project, and that also went efficiently and duly...”

A. Buczyński

"SENDOM turned out to be a solid and reliable company. Working with them was exemplary...”

D. Ostrowski

"I recommend SENDOM to all the other investors. I would like to stress, that the Owner of the company, as well as his co-workers were always eager to give advice while I was doing a part of finishing works myself on the upstairs of the building...”

B. P. Kamińscy

"The cooperation with Sendom we have experienced so far makes us see SENDOM as a partner, who treats his commitments to the customer in a proper manner...”

A. Hatossy

"The commission was realised professionally and duly. The company provides the service of specialists realising building projects...”

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Finding a suitable house of your dreams may be a time-consuming and tiring thing to do. Being well aware of this fact, we offer our help. What we give is ready wooden summer cottages and yearlong houses of top quality. The houses are completed from the outside and have two options of interior completion; the standard finishing (also referred to as “made to order”) and the “turnkey” finishing. We draw special attention to details and finishing which give our houses extraordinary features and style.