Advantages of wooden houses


Our houses are made of high quality Kiln Dried Wood, which gives them high standard constructive durability. We use imported wood with moisture content of 16 %. In our woodwork we use micro dovetail joints, which ensure durability. The whole building is strengthened with SPAX- a proven bonding system.

Thanks to high technology we use, the time of mounting the building has been reduced to a minimum. Depending on the size of the building and the type of construction, the mounting of the project takes up to several work days..

The wooden houses built by our company are energy efficient and have an excellent heat insulation rate dependent on the thickness of the outside walls. For summer cottages the heat insulation rate is from 0,3 W/(m²xK); and up to 0,13 W/(m²xK) in yearlong houses. Other factors determining energy efficiency aremineral wool (20cm+ 5 cm on a steel frame), wooden windows (with the glass 1,0), thermally insulated door frame and excellent foundation.

In the production of our houses, we are using ecological, environment and people friendlymaterials. We have given up unhealthy practices such as using roofing paper, foamed polystyrene or OSB plates. We have replaced them with ecological, energy-efficient and diffusion materials (AHI ROOFING, mineral wool and Fermacell plate). All these create unique atmosphere characteristic only of wooden houses. Only the best quality materials provide complete wall ventilation which allows you to breathe the fresh air, regardless of the season. For the purpose of securing the building and increasing its durability, we have used the highest quality wood preservatives.

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Finding a suitable house of your dreams may be a time-consuming and tiring thing to do. Being well aware of this fact, we offer our help. What we give is ready wooden summer cottages and yearlong houses of top quality. The houses are completed from the outside and have two options of interior completion; the standard finishing (also referred to as “made to order”) and the “turnkey” finishing. We draw special attention to details and finishing which give our houses extraordinary features and style.