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What do we purchase for gross price; i.e. ?

Below you can see the cost differences between other companies’ offer and our “Energo plus” package. Shortly:

„Energo plus” package offers
You gain
Instead of a regular foundation we give you energy-efficient pre-fabricated foundation.
Instead of 5 cm floor insulation we give you 30cm.
Instead of a regular construction we give you a self-supporting construction.
Instead of a regular construction we give you a self-supporting construction.
Instead of insulating the wall with 15-20cm we insulate it with a 35cm layer.
Instead of insulating the ceiling with 0-5cm, we insulate it with a 25cm layer.
Instead of acrylic plaster, we use silicate-silicone plaster.
Instead of inside drywall boards, we install fireproof Fermacell construction boards.
Instead of 4cm concrete floor topping, we give 8cm.
Instead of ordinary plastic double glazing windows, we give you triple glazing passive windows.
Instead of ordinary door we give you passive door.
Instead of ordinary steel roof covering we give you vertical seam panels.
Instead of ordinary gutters we give you metal ones.
Wooden stairs included in the price.
Heat recovery ventilator with assembly.
Assembly in the price.

For the price of a building no company in Poland would offer you even with the lowest standards, you receive additions worth over.

It is safe to say that the building is made of the best and most expensive materials available on the market which are used for mounting framework houses.

Whether you buy a house at our company or elsewhere, check the basic parameters of the building which influence the costs of the exploitation of the building.

More pictures of the house: Modern II


Basic info

Utilitarian area: 140,00 m2
House size: 8x13 m

The above offer is not an offer in terms of commercial law, it is only an invitation to negotiation.

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