Wiktor III

The summer cottage Wiktor III is a wooden construction suitable for any kind of plot regardless of its size. It is the perfect solution for people who would like to save their time and money but do not want to give up the high comfort of living.

Downstairs there is a living room with a kitchenette and a bathroom,upstairsthere is a cosy bedroom. Despite being small, the house has an incredibly practical interior plan. There is also a canopied terrace which will allow you to enjoy your free time in the fresh air.

More pictures of the house: Wiktor III


Basic info

Total surface area: 45,66 m2
Utilitarian area: 32,50 m2
House size: 5x5 m
Terrace size: 2.5x5 m

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The above offer is not an offer in terms of commercial law, it is only an invitation to negotiation.

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Finding a suitable house of your dreams may be a time-consuming and tiring thing to do. Being well aware of this fact, we offer our help. What we give is ready wooden summer cottages and yearlong houses of top quality. The houses are completed from the outside and have two options of interior completion; the standard finishing (also referred to as “made to order”) and the “turnkey” finishing. We draw special attention to details and finishing which give our houses extraordinary features and style.